Kālī kisses


Foot falls

One more after the many

An ancient journey

Towards a forgotten star.


Foot falls, through the night

Past demons & mineral mazes 

Through emptiness & bones

Onward, pearls held safe in heart & hand


In the closing distance

Her silver tower

Shines down in moonlit vastness

High among roaring thunderclouds


Entering & transforming

With feet on chanting silver

With hands on singing gold

Climb these crystal temple walls


Foot falls

No more after the many


He had kissed her through a veil of darkness

He had kissed her ahead of time

Now he kisses her with thirst born of wildness

He kisses her beyond all mind


Foot falls

No more after the many


His tongue

His brilliant tongue

Godlike, Foxlike, and playing

Inside her dark mouth