El Fuerte


Darkness rested upon the face of the desert.

And deep inside a mountain,

A man stands within a large and dimly lit granite hall.


Before him, a dark pool, sunken into the well polished ground

Filled to overflowing

With a dark & writhing, lashing sea of snakes


There is a pause, as the near infinite stoney silence contrasts

Contrasting unavoidably against the putrid chaos of nigredo

Washes over him


He descends the few steps down

Into the twisting lake of snake

Down, down, and into the blazing knife fight of tangled, wild

Flaming fangs

He is all but consumed

The competition for his body desperate

Empty and ferocious

With hissing screaming death

Eyes which say come, come quick

We will make you one with us


They strike, as if never fed before

The rushing, viscous multitude

They attack

As if every atom of their bodies

Were made of hate itself, multiplying by the moments

And all converges into a dissonant & fanged symphony of death.


Yet he remains


Covered by their faces

Each pumping a burning poison through and through

And he remains,



Barely the very tip of his head remains above this satanic stew

To an onlooker he would appear as gone, as having been dissolved

As having been consumed

Inching forward now as the packing pressing masticating density reaches zenith

The final steps slip to nothing

He remains


He feels himself boiling from inside, and a blackened burning sizzles through his veins

The sickness begs a giving in, a drinking up, a striking back

Nadir is reached in a state of almost shaking stillness 

He whispers, it is finished

And from deep within there is a crack.


The chrysalis’s first small, but pregnant fissure

As if a flicker, a returning memory

Of a light held high within an ocean black

A mile marker of a thousand and one paces

Of moon beams, and their tales of a lion

And his passion for the Sun

A stoically burning reminder,

Sent shining

As in a hawk, high and rising

As in a dove, sent diving

Boldly to the abyss


And so, the man,

With breath taken slowly, deeply, rhythmically 

Resonating now in an expanding feeling of glowing electric power

It grows until surging overflows all edges

A sphere of liquid light is born anew

This shining symbol of golden truth, it fills him whole

It fills space completely, till all is blue and gold

And a mountain frames the sky

No more


A new dance begins

And the serpents universal recoil

Is all but graceful in its awe-filled, 

And synchronized reverence


Now no more a guest to Hades' halls

The Phoenix consecrates a bed of nails

It's nest of ashen bones 

With a sound of glory found proven within the forge

Darkness is torn in two


And he smiles, as below him forms a gently quivering carpet

Of lean, lithe, and limbless flesh 

They bow low

They bow together

They bow with all their hearts

With allegiance itself. They bow for peace, forever.


And so, he sits

Encircled in a peace as pure as starlight, streaming from afar

He closes diamond eyes

And with a thought, this transmuted spectacle

An old story of death & never more

Arises, with a heart now slipping into flight

As the sound of so many gilded raven wings

Seals the night.