Axis Mundi

The World Tree

Pillar of Creation

And center of the stars



Slow & steadily

Into darkness

Into light


Feet safe within the fire

Arms holding sky on high

The voice of Strength, resonating with the mountain top

I am, I am... I AM!


Beyond darkness, and bowing low

A moment of pure surrender

Witnesses Dawn’s first kiss


Taken in by stone

Breathed in by night

A flower opens


Besides a rivers joyous dance

For a garden is now green

And a smile, oh so blue


Rises high into brightness

Across a sandy shore

Towards a little red bird


Who is a lady dressed in light

Who is speaking for all who hear

Holy, Holy... Holy.



They meet in the ocean

A woman and her tree

Came joining in playful reverence

His strong embrace

Her sweet & hungry kisses

Their scintillating victory song.


And now all the shining eyes bear witness 

To their giggling shivers

Of delight